Game #12---as I sit in the mental ward

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Game #12---as I sit in the mental ward Empty Game #12---as I sit in the mental ward

Post by Gbjerke on Fri Nov 25, 2016 8:11 pm

So, as I sit here talking to myself, I will do another post.
Huge disappointment!
A time to take the lead in the North and even up the division W-L race as 1-3 is not competitive.  At best we can do 3-3 which may not be good enough.
The playoffs may well not be in the cards for us fans this year BUT, I will not give up hope....what the hell, I've been a fan since day #1 in 1961.
Our downfall is the "O" line as I have mentioned before.  Am impressed with Bradford...poor guy has been beat and battered all year and am pleased to see he is still standing.  He is putting up good numbers completion-wise but he has no time to throw and that eliminates going downfield for big yardage.  Took particular note of his time to throw yesterday and 2 seconds seemed to be the norm.  He had no time to look at 2nd or 3rd looks.  OK, so I like him...accurate for sure and think he is a keeper.  Just wish he was mobile as that would buy him some time.  Opponents know this which is a disadvantage to us.  Maybe a moving pocket would help?
Looking ahead, the Cowboys are next and they are red hot for damn sure...great offense and suspect defense.  Can you spell UPSET?  
Then the Jags, Indy, Packers and an eternal optimistic let me say 4-1 for the remainder.  10-6 may get us a playoff spot.


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