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Post by Gbjerke on Mon Dec 08, 2014 7:49 pm

Surprised to see no comments on the game yesterday.
Great win even though it was the Jets.
Lots of frustration watching the game but a lot of positives.  Team attitude seems very a bunch of kids in a candy store, loved to see that.
I like Bridgewater's composure.  They have toned him down for sure as he has limited his picks big time.  I call it development and think he is our future.
He called an audible on the winning, as he saw "something" in the "D" and it worked.  Was merely hoping for a 1st down and Wright took it to the house.
Still think we need a Jared Allen of old or a J. J. Watt of present day.  Opposing QB's have way too much time for passing and the numbers prove this.
Give Teddy some more time to develop and help from Kalil for christs sake.  What the hell happened to this "sure fire" LT.  Didn't he make the Pro Bowl as a rookie???
Yup, another lost season but a lot of positive signs out there in my mind.


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