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Dead board?? Empty Dead board??

Post by Gbjerke on Thu Jun 04, 2015 8:37 pm

Surprised at the lack of posts here.
I'm pissing in my pants here over the upcoming season as I think we will contend in the North.
Very impressed with Teddy, have AP back and suspect the Vikes will surprise.  Lots of weapons and it appears Patterson has his shit together.  Draft was great IMHO.
Lots of issues with AP and I put that on his agent.  He had a losing battle from day #1 as to being traded so he continues to play out the "trade me" crap.
Now he is back and saying all the right things....great, but it still pisses me off as he used to have an awesome attitude and suspect his agent is the problem and that may have returned.
Zimmer was a great coach signing and he has the Vikes on the right track.
Dare I say, playoffs?
C'mon guys, can we have some activity here?


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