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Post by Gbjerke on Sat Jun 18, 2016 9:34 pm

Any Viking fans out there?
Find it odd that j8 and I are the only ones who seem interested in the upcoming season when I am pissing in my pants over the teams upgrades over the off season and draft.
What's not to like...upgrades in the "O" line which was a MUST.  Gives Teddy some time.  Adding Treadwell is huge...big time speedy receiver...add Diggs who was crucial last year and we have open up a ton of holes for AP to do his thing, which is the best in the NFL.
Been following comments on the OTC's and apparently Patterson has shined.  Thought he may have been a write off but he has great talent which disappeared last year absent his return talent.  Put him in the mix....I love it!
We have a tough schedule this year....bring it on!  
I'm saying 12-4, maybe 13-3 and with our schedule...can we say deep into the playoffs...maybe the big dance in Houston?
Would be kick ass if we did not make it this year, we do it next year in Minny?  
If I live that long, I'll be there!


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