QB to look at???

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QB to look at???

Post by Gbjerke on Thu Dec 20, 2012 8:53 pm

Hey guys, when you are vegging out watching bowl games, try seeing the Orange Bowl.

Here's the deal, I live about 35 miles from Northern Illinois Univ but have never been an avid fan but always enjoyed their sports efforts and happy when they won. They are the Mid-America Conference champs and went 12-1, their only defeat was their first game of the season against Iowa and they lost by one point as I recall. A MAC team competing with a Big 10 team....not bad.

Anyway, their QB is Jordan Lynch who just impresses the hell out of me. Never went to a game but read all the sports page coverage of him each week/the TV reports etc. ESPN finally carried one of their games and the kid was awesome. Then the MAC Championship game was also carried by them. His season stats are incredible...he RUSHED for 1,770 yards this season; passed for 3,000+ more yards; something like 43 TD's. He finished 7th in Heisman voting.

With that said, I remember well watching Tebow in college and he impressed me big time. The pro guru's not impressed so that tells you what kind of expert I am....LOL

However, this kid is FAST, strong and has a quick release and accurate....makes no mistakes. Another Tebow? I say no, but what the hell do I know after my Tebow thoughts!!!

Take a peek at the game (vs. Florida State). Suspect Florida will be favored big, but this team has a ton of heart and just may surprise.

Lynch is a Junior so may have another season at the college level but should he decide to leave for the draft I suspect he is pretty much under the radar and could be picked up in late rounds...maybe even an undrafted free agent. Ponder started the season great with 70% completion; no picks over the first 3 games? Then stumbled...had some picks...and his yards, and yards per catch are pretty pathetic. Yup, we don't have a big time fast WR, our "O" line does not give him a lot of time and absent our #2 beast (Harvin) it ain't easy for him but I did expect more from him this year.

Anyway, take a peek at this kid if you get a chance.


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