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Post by jjnet328 on Sun Sep 16, 2012 10:11 pm

I hope everyone can set down their kool-aid now and accept the fact that the Vikings are rebuilding and are not a very good team...YET. Not sure why some had such high expectations in regards to wins and losses. 13?, 10? C'mon....6 wins should be considered a great season. I will say it again....we will win maybe one divisional game, lose most if not all against the big boys, ala San Fran, Houston, etc. and lay an egg against a team or two that we should beat, (Colts). What excites me, other than really hot naked woman and football on Sundays is the fact that the Vikings have a decent core of young players that they can build around. I think Ponder will prove to be a keeper and I really like Rudolf, Smith, etc. Let's relax and watch these guys develop and hope the owner and management continue to do the right thing in moving this organization forward and when the new stadium is finished we can begin a long winning tradition and bring home a long deserved Lombardi trophy. I'm sticking with my 4 to 6 wins this season.


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