Brent and the rookie... :)))

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Re: Brent and the rookie... :)))

Post by rodevos1 on Mon Apr 30, 2012 4:10 am

Gotta admit it, the kid is living the dream come true. Can't blame him for being so excited that he probably wet his pants talking to the the Coach. I don't think he'll get anywhere with pack any time soon - if ever so, he should just be happy that he can gain some insight and knowledge and suck as much up as possible and just do the best he can. Rogers is no doubt another 15 yr lifer so, he should learn what he can and then move on asap before he ruins his future by being just a back up. If this kid learned anything under Brett, about all I can say is, he had a very gifted and skilled teacher.

As for the brat kids next door,...phttt

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