2017 Packers - What Can We Expect?

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2017 Packers - What Can We Expect? Empty 2017 Packers - What Can We Expect?

Post by minimeduck on Sun Sep 03, 2017 9:32 pm

Now that preseason is in the bag and the roster cuts have been made, what can we expect to see (performance wise) from the select 53?

Personally, I do not see any dramatic improvement at any given position over last seasons squad. 
If anything, I see this years group as being a little weaker in a few areas.  The most glaring of those weaknesses is the front line of the offense. That was apparently obvious to TT as well, causing him to keep 10 offensive linemen this year. 

Of the linemen positions, the lose of RG T.J. Lang will likely prove to be the biggest area of concern for this group. In lang's place last season we watched as Don Barclay struggled to fill in. Keeping players healthy and on the field is a no-brainer and key to success for any unit. That will prove to be especially true for this GB OL this year if they hope to meet the bar set by previous squads of years past. They have a chance if they can keep Linsley, Bakhtiari and Bulaga healthy, Jahri Evans proves to have something left in the tank and that Kyle Murphy is a pleasant surprise.  The rest of the offensive linemen, (offensive linepersons - 2o17 PC speak) aside from the TEs, look pretty mediocre. 

The other positions on offense look to be about as promising as last years group. The running game is still in question IMO. Montgomery is good, but very unconventional and not what a team should count on for an every down back. I thought that Williams was kind of disappointing this preseason and that Mays & Jones looked better, especially Mays. Hopefully one of these three new backs can establish himself.  TE Martellus Bennett was a good signing with the lose of Cook. 

Defense seems to always be Green Bays Achilles heal and this years group really looks to be not much better talent-wise, than last years group. That's not to say that they don't have some nice talent among them. After many seasons of fielding barely average defenses, I think it is safe to say that the problem is pretty obvious - Dom Capers. And McCarthy & TT for that matter, for not shit canning Dom. 

No need here to break down the players or position on defense. Unfortunately, no matter how good the individual talent might be on this defense, Dom will find a way to make them bland as a unit. This means we can expect GB to have another disappointing defense in 2017. 

Season predictions for this team as a whole, anyone?       


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2017 Packers - What Can We Expect? Empty Re: 2017 Packers - What Can We Expect?

Post by milani on Fri Sep 08, 2017 4:12 pm

Good analysis. Defense will be about the same. Little younger but lacking in any stoutness up front to consistently control the line of scrimmage. Vulnerable to injury when the secondary has to make so many tackles.                                                               I see the offense only appearing to utilize tight ends more to compensate for a limited running game with Rodgers doing his thing by running around and trying to find someone.  Looks like they want to play high scoring games like last January in Dallas.
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