Game #10--whew!

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Game #10--whew!

Post by Gbjerke on Sun Nov 20, 2016 7:30 pm

Am so pissing in my pants over this win as it was really needed.
Did not get the game but saw highlights during same.  Thankfully the network switched to the end of this game after the Bear game was done.
Was happy to see AZ fail to move the ball with like under 2 minutes to go.  They were pinned deep...4th and long and behind by 6...Johnson (Robison?) got to the QB and did a perfect hit right after he let the pass go.  What the hell, flag thrown but the hit was super helmet to helmet hit. not a late hit as defender was in the, some bullshit call of "throwing him to the ground".  SERIOUSLY????
Replays were most clear...he could not pull up/stop his question at all.
Gave AZ 15 yards and a first down....and we are leading by 6?  My thought, oh crap, not again....Detroit game came to mind.
Thankfully the "D" was really strong, the secondary covered super well and the line had a good rush.  If the DB's cover well the QB has little chance of success passing.  Worked here to perfection.
The "O" was likely not real effective, and that is our HUGE weak link.  Thankfully Rhodes for a pick 6 and Patterson for a 100+ yard return for another 6.  
Just wonder where the secondary and special teams have been the last 4 games.
OK, just one more!


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