Game #8---huge disappointment

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Game #8---huge disappointment Empty Game #8---huge disappointment

Post by Gbjerke on Sun Nov 06, 2016 8:22 pm

I'll have nightmares over this one for damn sure.
Really equivocal game....we sucked the big one most of the game.  Our last TD with something like 30 seconds to go...and I was a super happy camper.  No time outs for the Lions and they get the FG to toss it into OT.
The "if only's" haunt us...most of which was the missed extra point which would have made a FG by Detroit a non-issue.
Blocked FG does not help.
Seems we are cursed!
To see the Packers lose in the late game is a plus but thinking back, if we had won the Bear game and the Lions today we would have a 3 game lead in the North and have been 3-0 in the division which would make us virtually uncatchable in the division.
The remaining schedule is all of a sudden a challenge...the Skins, AZ, Lions and Cowboys...I'd love to see 3-1 here.
And on we go..................


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