Game #4 in the books

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Game #4 in the books Empty Game #4 in the books

Post by Gbjerke on Wed Oct 05, 2016 9:02 pm

OK, I seem to be talking to myself here but can't help pissing in my pants so far this season.  Thought I had posted this last night but seems my lack of techno knowledge has proven correct.
Anyway, what's not to like for the Vikes.  Who else could lose their starting QB, RB and go thru our schedule so far and be 4-0 at this time?
I figured the Titans as  W, then the Packers, Panthers and Giants and thought 1-2 was a reality and 2-1 would be huge for us.  
Next two are crucial as they are both playoff teams.  If we can get wins over the Texans and Eagles, buy your tickets to the playoffs as the rest of the schedule is one helluva lot easier.
Dangerous statement I know but I have all the faith in the world that Zimmer will do the necessary.
Have looked at Power Rankings all year.  Seems the Vikes were at #10 originally and today I see them as #2 or #3.


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