First game bummer

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First game bummer

Post by Gbjerke on Thu Sep 17, 2015 7:59 pm

Tried to post before but it did not go thru.  Tech guru I am not but I hit "post reply" and it does not show up. Any suggestions for old farts?
The game was a total bummer....O line sucked as did the D line...and the secondary.  It was like a nightmare for me.  Just expected so much more effort from both sides of the ball.  49ers played fast and it looked like the Vikes were totally lost.
Huge bummer for me and hoping for a big change this week.
Understand AP only getting like 10 can't run thru a line that does not block for you.  Pointless for him to even try.
49ers game plan was spot on and they did it to perfection.  Lesson learned I hope.
This Sunday will tell a lot and am optimistic the Vikes will come thru big.
Do I hear an amen?


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