Deflategate: The Smoking Gun

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Deflategate: The Smoking Gun

Post by guppy on Sun Aug 23, 2015 11:15 pm

Oh man, the hits just keep coming.  LOL.

"Deflategate: The Smoking Gun"

by Robert Blecker, Professor, New York Law School

Robert Blecker is a professor at New York Law School, a nationally known expert on the death penalty, and the subject of the documentry Robert Blecker Wants Me Dead. He formerly prosecuted corruption in New York's criminal justice system as a Special Assistant Attorney General and has been the sole keynote speaker supporting the death penalty at several major national and international conferences. A post-graduate Harvard fellow in Law and Humanities, Blecker wrote the stage play Vote NO! which premiered at the Kennedy Center. Profiled by The New York Times and The Washington Post, the subject of a USA Today cover story, and recently featured on ABC's Nightline, Blecker frequently comments for national media. He lives in New York.

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"Once you credit the referee’s memory here, and reject one other pseudo-scientific piece of twisted logic, science can fully explain the entire pressure drop.

Leaked mis-information, implausible assumptions and daring distortions obscure the truth.

Deflategate is a sham — an NFL cooked-up fraud.  So who cheated:  The quarterback or the League?"

LOL.  You tell 'em Professor Blecker.  You tell 'em.

Even if TB loses in court due only to the law that holds that an arbitration decision is virtually sacrosanct and is only to be disturbed by a court on exceptionally rare occasions (because that's all the league has at this point), it is now actually becoming fun - yes, fun - to see the ever increasing articles and people speaking out that just ripping the NFL to pieces over this "sham" as the professor calls it.  At this point, it is actually becoming pure enjoyable entertainment.  The holder of absolute power (Goodell) being exposed more and more each day as far more of an abuser than the target of his discipline.  When the word "integrity" comes out of his mouth, it is seen as a nothing but a joke. 

The league may have arbitration law on its side. 

It does not have the Facts on its side. 

It does not have the Evidence on its side. 

It does not have Science on its side. 

It does not have Justice on its side. 

It does not have Morality on its side. 

It does not have Truth on its side. 

All the league has is Goodell's blind abuse of power on its side.  That's it, nothing more.

And several NFL owners are NOT HAPPY.  "This is an embarrassment to our league" said one anonymously. 

No shit pal.  No shit. 
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