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Could it happen?

Post by guppy on Mon Jul 20, 2015 11:16 am

Bill Belichick on Reggie Wayne last season:

"He's still really good at everything," Belichick said in a press conference prior to last season's game.  "[He's] obviously a real smart and experienced guy; knows how to set up routes, make all of his routes look the same, does a great job of releasing and then at the top of his routes being able to create separation at just the right time when the quarterback is ready to throw."

"He's been a key guy for them in critical situations and third down-type situations," Belichick continued. "I'm sure that there's a lot of confidence that he's going to be open and he usually is. Excellent hands; made a lot of tough catches."

"They move him around," Belichick said. "He plays a decent amount in the slot, but also out on the perimeter where we saw him for so many years in their former offensive system. But he's probably a little more in the slot now with [Hakeem] Nicks and [T.Y.] Hilton outside. But they move all those guys around so finding him is a problem. He's still a very dangerous receiver, clutch player and a guy who really, when they need a play, they're not afraid to go to him and he'll deliver for them."

Would BB bring him to Foxboro?

Would Reggie come? 
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