Well written poem on Frame-gate

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Well written poem on Frame-gate

Post by guppy on Sun Feb 22, 2015 10:39 am

In reading many, many comments to the ESPN ("Endless Slander of Patriot Nation") article that revealed that a subsequently fired NFL employee handed an unapproved K-ball to Pats locker room attendant Jim McNally, who then handed it to the game official, which totally debunked an earlier ESPN "Outside the Lines" report by Kelly Naqi, which she said she had worked on "for three weeks", which implied McNally attempted to do something wrong, and in which many of those people posting comments had said that ESPN deleted a lot of their earlier posts calling out ESPN for hack journalism (having nothing to do with profanity), I came across this one post set out below. 

I don't take any credit for it since I didn't write it.  But I thought it was brilliantly written and one of the best I've seen.  So whoever you are who wrote this poem, you "Did Your Job".  Well done.

THE ANONYMOUS SOURCE by Some Clever Person
Copyright, February 2015

His phone started buzzing; who could it be?
He put on his glasses; checked caller ID.
“Anonymous Source” he read on his cell,
Anonymous Source had a story to tell.
“The game was a blowout; New England stood tall,
But there may have been something wrong with the ball…”
“What does this mean?” he asked. “What’s the story?”
Anonymous whispered, “It will end all the glory”.
“The game will be tarnished; there will be speculation.
This rumors will spread across this great nation.”
“ESPN will say New England is shady.
They’ll jump on this rumor. They’ll call up Tom Brady.”
Anonymous smirked; he had planted the seed.
The world will soon know of his evil deed.
Super Bowl Fever will come to a halt.
Everyone will blame Belichick; it must be his fault.
The headlines will read, BILL IS A CHEAT!
Morning news will join in; they’ll turn up the heat.
Social media will hold a virtual lynching;
Meanwhile, Anonymous Source was not even flinching.
He knew how this worked; he’d done it before.
Defame someone’s character, and sneak out of the door.
The public is gullible. They believe what they hear.
I’ll start the rumor and then disappear.
“That’s all I can say,” Anonymous whispered with glee.
“Just remember you heard this directly from me.”
“My cousin, Reliable, may try to jump in,
But do not be fooled; this time it’s not him.”
Reliable Source may be quoted as fact,
But I am the one who is meant to distract.

Truth be told, I should probably whither in shame,

Because I ruin lives without telling my name.
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