Vikes Defense

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Vikes Defense

Post by j82053 on Mon Nov 03, 2014 9:24 am

Gotta love the Vikings defense hanging in to the end. Everson Griffin is starting to look like a stud. The guy is running down WR and RB. 


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Re: Vikes Defense

Post by Gbjerke on Mon Nov 03, 2014 8:31 pm

Thanks for the post and have been going to post here as to the lack of input.  I don't get the Viking games so depend on this forum plus our local crappy newspaper for what little they carry on the Vikes.
I see the stats every Monday and am ever impressed with the number of sacks they are getting and B'Water is coming along quite nicely (for a rookie) as far as I am concerned.
The "D" line appears impressive and the DB's appear to be an improvement.
A friend (Bengals fan) told me when we snagged Zimmer that our "D" would vastly improve and it appears he was right.  Was bummed when they let Jared go and he went to the Bears (area I reside) and the Bear fans were all giddy over their aquisition and badgered the crap put of me.  I now remind them that he has 1.5 sacks this season.
Rebuilding for sure, but I like the progress.  Thought 6-10 this year and possibly 8-8.
Think we are on the right track.


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