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Post by wyckedheart8 on Sun Oct 12, 2014 7:42 pm

How do you like the fact that Bryan Hoyer wouldnt be with the Browns unless Pisstpuke cut him, they could have had Hoyer as their backup the rntire time, but its Pittsburgh's way, now I am not comparing but Pittspuke also had a H.O.F QB many years ago and cut him as well, his name was Johnny Unites, I am not comparing Hiyer with Unites but they have struggled with backup QB's for many years, thank you Pitt for cutting Brian hoyer, his destiny has always been to come home and play for the Browns, do we owe you one, HELL NO, are we laughing, HELL YES!!! Oh, BTW, The last time the Browns Beat Pitt , Hoyer was on their team, HEHEHE.
3rd Round Pick
3rd Round Pick

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