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Post by wyckedheart8 on Sun Sep 21, 2014 5:56 pm

Its funny, as a Cleveland fan you want to see touchdowns instead of 4-5 FG's every game but when they do that in a game like this you hope and pray they hit a FG, but not today, but as a Browns fan when you see improvement with their offense like we have seen through the first 3 weeks of the season it doesn't sting as much as it has since 99, this team is on the right track and although disappointing I cant wait till week 5 when the Browns go to Tenn and beat them on their home turf and week 6 when Pittspuke comes to town and they FINALLY take it to them like the red headed step child they are, The Pittspuke Squeeelers are on their way down and the Browns are on their way up, after week 6 the Browns will be 3-2!!!  I already know the crybaby of the Pitt board will be howling away with those Crocodile tears of hers, Waaaa,Waaaa,Waaaa, where is my tutu and my DR to give me my shock therapy and my antidepressant pills.
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