My take on Ray Rice

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My take on Ray Rice

Post by MrEd4748 on Mon Sep 08, 2014 11:04 pm

Roger Goodell and the Baltimore Ravens have both screwed up big time.  Although the commissioner admitted he got it wrong when suspending Rice for just two regular season games, once the video of Rice and his fiance' in the elevator was made public, everyone starting finger-pointing.  There's no way either Goodell or the Ravens weren't aware of the seriousness and the brutal extent of the domestic violence Rice perpetrated.  Coach Harbaugh denied knowing prior to the release of the TMZ sports video, as well.   I'm not buying it. 

How can a head coach, who has a zero-tolerance policy in place for domestic violence infractions, even consider keeping the offending player on the team?  Only after the video was plastered all over the internet did they decide to release Rice from his contract.  They should have kicked his ass to the curb immediately upon learning of the incident.  And what the hell was the victim doing standing up for the asshole and apologizing for her actions?  Seriously, meal ticket or not; you get knocked unconscious by a wife-beating piece of shit, you press charges and take his sorry ass to the cleaners in court.

The NFL is in full damage control mode.  The only way this gets resolved is if Goodell tenders his resignation.


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