Where is Cordarrelle Patterson when not returning kickoffs?

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Where is Cordarrelle Patterson when not returning kickoffs? Empty Where is Cordarrelle Patterson when not returning kickoffs?

Post by Guest on Tue Sep 17, 2013 8:41 pm

Vikings coach Leslie Frazier was unequivocal Monday when talking about rookie receiver Cordarrelle Patterson. The big receiver with big-play potential needs to play more. And he will.
“We’re going to get that rectified,” Frazier said in his regular Monday news conference. “He definitely deserves to be on the field more. He’s shown that in the first few snaps he’s gotten in these first two ballgames. Hopefully, everything being equal, that should be a part of the conversation [this] week.”
The 6-2, 220-pound Patterson got only five offensive snaps in the season opener, catching the only pass thrown his way for a 10-yard gain. Sunday he was in for only six offensive snaps, catching both passes thrown his way for 14 yards. He also returned the opening kickoff 105 yards for a touchdown.
“We want to get him on the field,” Frazier said. “He’s one of our explosive players for sure. … We’ve got to find a way to get him on the field. We’re well aware of his talents.”

This is just another reason for the Viking 0-2 start. It may not seem like a real big deal but it just all adds up to the problem w/this team. HOW do you not put one of the most talented players on the field and find a way to get him involved w/the offense early and often??? Frazier back peddling and then conceding that it must be addressed. ADDRESSED???? Why the fuck wasn't it addressed BEFORE the first snap of the first game??!!  It's just mind blowing shit here....you need to figure this out now? Gimme a break...

I used to shrug it off when I heard people complaining about offensive coordinator Bill Musgrave. I figured that with Adrian in the line-up, no one could mess things up too bad. Well...my bad, this idiotic dolt can't even figure out his personnel enough to know how to get a game breaking threat like Patterson on the field ....So now Frazier has to step in to "address" this issue and make sure the above doesn't happen anymore....

Also, things are no no better on the defensive side. This Alan Williams (D coordinator) is another lost cause. It was his defensive calls on the last Bears drive that had people out of position or clearly using schemes that weren't even reviewed/practiced during the weekly preparation. No time outs called to correct the issue. Totally clueless....and again, Frazier is left confessing that he needs to take a greater part in overseeing the defensive strategy....really coach?? Now?....holy crap!



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