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Post by rodevos1 on Sat Feb 25, 2012 5:08 pm

Sometimes I wonder if he'll be as good in the NFL, as he was in College. Now, with that being said it makes me wonder about the OT's & OG's as well as the Center that has protected him. OT Jonathon Martin going as the 3rd top choice out of all the OT's entered in the draft. OG David DeCastro is going in as the top choice in all Guards. Both these guys are complete beasts - no doubt about it! The thing is this makes me wonder just how good Andrew Luck would be in the NFL, if he didn't have these two fella's on his side. Now both these players are underclassmen meaning that they're both Juniors entering the draft early. Personally I myself like grads with at least two years experience as a starter. Of course there are the freaks of nature who are men amongst men and ahead of their class. Is it safe to say these two are ahead of their class? And, what about the other two OT & OG that protected him? Ok one is a Sophomore and the other a freshman - both standouts along with their current Center. I myself feel it safe to say that if Indy drafts Andrew Luck, they'll have their hands full in the future without OT's & OG's in the likes of what Luck had at Standford. I am getting the impression that he would flop on his face without a team like he had at the Collegiate level. I just don't see any Stafford, Brett Favre or Tom Brady or even Payton Manning there. Chris Owusu, injured early in last season pretty much ended Lucks go to threat and because of concussions his play had dropped making him more into a possession type Receiver,..which isnt so bad after all. His projected draft is some where around midway through the draft but once healthy I think he would be a dominant force for any Defense to stop. Now Coby Feener a Sr., who was Andrew Lucks starting Tightend, had to take over the reins and done an excellent job giving him high praise entering the draft. In at the 2nd overall selection at Tightend, he will make it as a starter this next season on almost any team. He can catch any ball passed his way plus he blocks magnificently. Now from what I remember watching Stanford play, I just didnt see anything stand out during the run game, even though they pounded the ball down the throats of other teams Andrew Luck just seemed to know what to do at the right time to take advantage. Now what all this means to me is that, it was basically all the Offensive Line that kept Andrew Luck in the game, not to mention a little Of Feener when he would catch a few balls here and there to help move the chains. With all this being said makes me just wonder what he is doing in the position he is in entering the draft. I really believe and with all due respect that RG3 will end up being the better player in the NFL level of the two - sooner that is. However, we must be reminded that black QBs do like to run and being that Luck is more of a pocket passer, he will more than likely not be able to get the ball down field as freely as RG3. But, I do think, that if there is a championship on the line between the two at any given date in time, that Andrew Luck will be holding the cards in the game simply because he is more reliable when it comes to patience. For Indy to have any chance with Andrew Luck, they had better get an Offensive Line built up around him and, with a premier Runningback and a solid Receiving corp, they'll be holding all the cards in the AFC in the future. And that being said, you can bank on that.
When it comes to RG3, I consider him as one of gods gifts to sports, he's great and should be just that at the NFL level but, IMO he's probably not as good as Donavon McNabb was in his prime. Now that being said, any team that drafts him will be impressed along with their fans - he is a great player. I think most notable here is that he has garnered a great deal of media and leaving Tannehill, Osweiler and Weeden going in under the radar. If it were my choice to draft any player out of these 5 Quarterbacks my favorite choice would have to be between Osweiler or Weeden. My reasons are simple, I never did give a rats ass about Texas A&M - fuck'm.
So, here it is, out of all 5 top rated QB's entering this years draft I would select Osweiler as the 1st one to win a SB over all the other QB's mentioned up above due to the fact that they will go further under the radar costing less and, being that Osweiler reminds me more of big Ben not to mention he hasn't had the luxury of an elite Offensive line. My second pick would def have to be Weeden hands done!
Personally, I would dump Ponder in the blink of an eye for either Osweiler or Weeden as a starter for the Vikings. But I would eve do more than that, I would make damn sure he sat on the bench for no less than two years under study letting the Vikings go 0-15 if possible getting a couple more high draft choices during a rebuilding phase.

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